The Fuzzco Bundle


Pocket Art Director + Fuzzco Roulette + Fuzzco Original Tee. Bundled together and 20% OFF!

Pocket Art Director. A custom 20-sided die, made mostly in America from fine European plastics. Each face offers concise, constructive art direction when you need it most.

Fuzzco Roulette. Any one of the talented folks at Fuzzco will be randomly selected to create your portrait using a fine arts medium in 5 minutes. You may get someone who has never ever ever drawn something ever before, and you may not. Submit your photo and take Fuzzco Roulette for a spin!

Fuzzco Original Tee. Feel like you're one of the gang. Printed by Real Thread on an American Apparel 100% cotton short sleeve pocket tee. Featuring real pockets, except for the XS, because it’s too darn small.